Meet The Engineer

Meet The Engineer


Tony Calhoun

Tony Calhoun has been professionally mastering since 2004. He has great experience with all kinds of electronic music and and Hip Hop.Anthony is an internationally known dj and producer since 1994, he has gained lots of experience on all kinds of stages and behind decks all over the globe.


His technical knowledge of studio-tools and software is well known and in demand of many other studio-owners and engineers as well as bigger companies (Solution Expert Audio for Apple).


We work very close with artists or labels and help to form their personal sound in a professional way. Renowned big name artists like Anthony Rother, Johannes Heil or Camo & Crooked, just to name a few.


Only professional, high-quality, all-digital audio mastering tools are used, including processors from SSL, Neeve, Waves, Precision Mastering series and others. High technical standards are provided by using precise studio reference monitors and dynamic and spectral analysis tools.

  • A pair of very experienced, well working ears
  • A great and acoustically well treated room
  • Modified genelec 1032 + 1094 speakers
  • Vovox cables
  • Benchmark dac-1 da-converter
  • Mac Pro with Logic 9 and Waveburner
  • Waves Mercury ( including Restoration )
  • UAD-2 with all Plug-Ins
  • Elysia
  • Tubetech CL-1B
  • Brainworx
  • A picture of my grandma